When Your Life Journey is Twists and Turns

“What strikes me is that often their journeys haven’t been conventional. They’ve been full of twists, turns, and surprises.” _Ken Robinson in The Element

Robinson is referring to people who are living in their Element. Gay Hendricks, in his book The Big Leap, calls this living in the Zone of Genius. Both men are referring to living a successful passion filled life.

Recently, a client was concerned about how loop-de-loop her life path seemed to be. This put me in mind of Robinson’s observation, and I would say that my client is well on her way to finding her passion and should not be the least bit concerned.

Not that it is easy to go on  a journey full of twists, turns and surprises! In the beginning, you feel like you are going nowhere fast. Not to mention how friends and family members perceive you. I believe the word they are likely thinking is flaky.

My own life journey has been all over the map. Heck, I think some of the paths I took weren’t even on the map. Here are some of  my career highlights.

My jobs:

  • bookkeeper for a small business
  • administrative assistant for non profit organization
  • IT programmer
  • IT analyst
  • IT team leader
  • IT project manager
  • IT analyst
  • Business project manager
  • IT team leader
  • IT project management specialist

My passions:

  • jewelry designer
  • intuitive mentor
  • Tarot reader
  • workshop facilitator
  • key note speaker
  • Reiki healer

Did you get lost? It was pretty loop-de-loop, eh?

At first glance, my jobs have nothing to do with my passions. But, in fact they do. Everything I learned in my jobs provided me with critical skills, knowledge and accumulated wisdom to find and live my passions.

What is also striking about my journey, is it is far from conventional, which is a factor that struck Robinson. In my IT career I requested promotions and demotions based on challenging assignments. Pay and career path were never part of my thinking. Staying intellectually stimulated was.

Bottom line, if your journey looks more like a bumper cars ring than a straight stretch of highway, take heart. You will arrive at a passion filled destination in your own time and in your own way, leaving those conventional travelers in your dust.

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What loop-de-loops have you taken in your journey? Did they lead you to a surprising destination?

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