Women’s Intuition: More than Communication Skills

I just read an article in Psychology Today called Women’s Intuition: Myth or Reality? The author, a man by the way, boiled intuition down to a woman’s enhanced ability to read nonverbal communication clues, such as subtle facial expressions. Yes, I believe we are bioligically programmed to better read nonverbal communication clues, but sadly, this is an extremely narrow definition of what intuition is.

In my article, The Origin of Intuition, I explain that intuition means looking in. Picking up on nonverbal communication is looking out. We do, indeed, incorporate body language into our intuitive assessment of a situation, but we do so much more.

Holy crumpets! What if there are no people to read? Does this mean we are not experiencing intuition?

For example, the author’s definition does not explain my favourite personal example of walking out the door knowing that my husband-at-the-time and I should not drive to the cottage. In fact, at the exact same time as me, he also received that knowing. Half way there we were in an accident. Since the domino effect of collisions started five cars ahead of us, there was no way it was self-fullfilling prophesy.

Nor does his definition explain a female co-worker flying into my office and practically shouting “apply for this job now”. Having learned not to question another woman’s intuition, I checked and I had exactly five minutes left to apply for the job. I did, and I got the job.

It does not explain using tools like meditation and Tarot to tap into the quiet inner voice that has the answer to a challenge your ego has not been able to solve. In fact, your ego has been steering you in the entirely wrong directon.

The author concludes with “So, is women’s intuition myth or reality? Mostly reality, and is based on gender differences in nonverbal communication skills.”

What really saddens me about the article is that men totally get dumped from the intuition equation. If intuition is solely being able to read nonverbal communication clues, and men are not good at doing that, that leaves them as total non intuitive dolts. Which I do not believe for one second.

The challenge is the author was drawing his conclusions based on logic and research. Intuition is not logical and it is not empirical. It simply is, and both genders have it.

And not a single person needs to be in the room with you for intuition to happen.

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