Words From The Editor: Dating, Youthfulness, Sexy Heroes, Volunteering

Fall is definitely here. Most of the leaves are off the trees, and there is a definite nip to the air. This means Marc and I have moved our attentions indoors. This weekend was all about making an indoor water pond to bring in our water plants and our three Koi fish, Pumpkin, Alice, and Kinky.

At least when the snow flies and it gets bitterly cold, we can sit by our little pool and pretend we are in the tropics.

We have a great line-up of articles this week. On Tuesday, we start off with dating advice from our relationship expert, Tonja Weimer. She tells us Where To Meet Guys … When You Are Over Forty. Marc and I met online, but an online dating site is only one of the six places Tonja talks about. Make sure you have a read to find out what the other five places are.

Wednesday’s article is 5 No-Nonsense Ways To Keep Your Youth. Silver & Grace is all about aging gracefully, so you would think an article on striving to keep your youth is at odds with this philosophy. Not when Kyler Nixon uses, as examples, knock out older than forty celebrities such as Susan Sarandon, Angela Bassett and Oprah. As you will find out, keeping our youth is not strictly about appearance.

Sticking to our relationship theme, on Thursday, Kelly Wallace tells us What Women Can Learn From Romance Novels. That is, beyond absolutely fantastic terminology like ‘throbbing manhood’ and ‘abs of steel’. Turns out, sex scenes and Adonis-like bodies aside, we can learn from romance novel heroines.

Colder weather may be a downer to those of  us who prefer warmer temps, but at least we have nice toasty houses to hunker down in. This, sadly, is not true for everyone. On Friday, Team VolunteerSpot explains how volunteering not only helps those in need, but is an excellent way to Improve Family Communication with our Tweens and Teens.

I look forward to interacting with you through the comment section. I am sure these articles will spark some fantastic discussion.

Just for fun!

This week’s fun poll is about romance novels. Are you Harlequin Romance type of gal? It’s okay to ‘fess up, the poll is anonymous *smiles*


You have two days to win The Creating Formula by Barbara Joye, if you have not already entered. Then on October 20th, I will be giving away a Silver & Grace Collection necklace. You can enter the contests by clicking here.

Have a graceful and happy week,

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